Shingles Treatment Natural

Shingles is a viral infection which is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. After a bout of chickenpox the virus becomes dormant in the sensory nervous system and is reactivated later in life, usually as a result of a weakened immune system. There are many ill effects to the virus and as there is no cure people rely heavily on the use of shingles treatment. Natural remedies are favoured by many people over the drugs given by doctors and GP’s and in a lot of cases prove to be just as effective in helping ease the symptoms of pain in the nerve endings and rash.

It should be said that in cases of shingles around the eye, specialist medical attention will be needed and prescription medication is often required.

Proteolytic enzymes as a shingles treatment natural remedy

Proteolytic enzymes are produced naturally in the body by the pancreas and are enzymes which help to digest our protein intake. Proteolytic enzymes can help in providing pain relief and skin improvement; they are found in foods such as pineapples and papaya and can also be purchased as supplements from various health stores. Taking proteolytic enzyme supplements can help to stop a shingles virus from multiplying in the same way as antiviral drugs; many studies have shown the two to have similar results with supplements showing fewer side effects. Side effects that can arise as a result of supplements may be digestive upset although this is generally mild.

Capsaicin cream as a shingles treatment natural remedy

Capsaicin cream is one of the most effective and widely used natural products for the treatment of shingles. It is available from a GP or over-the-counter and comes in varying degrees of strength that can be applied to relieve the symptoms of pain associated with shingles. Capsaicin cream is formulated from chilli peppers and is often used in the treatment of a common shingles complication known as postherpetic neuralgia which causes severe pain in the nerve endings.

When applied to the skin over 2-4 times per day, capsaicin cream is able to effectively manage pain in the affected area. Drawbacks of the cream are that it may take several weeks to develop and stinging or burning sensations may be felt in the area in which the cream is applied.

Self-help for shingles treatment

Self-help is often one of the best forms of shingles treatment, natural techniques such as using a cold compress on blisters and wearing loose clothing can help a sufferer to remain comfortable during the 2-4 weeks in which the virus lasts. It is also important to keep the shingles rash as clean and as dry as possible to prevent bacterial infection, using non-adhesive dressings are also recommended for covering the rash when outdoors.

Calamine lotion is a good natural product that can be used to soothe skin and reduce itchiness; it is easily purchased from supermarkets and chemists and can be applied as needed to the affected area of skin.




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