Shingles Treatment For Face

Shingles is a reactivation of the herpes varicella-zoster virus which affects children during chickenpox; it affects the nerve and results in pain and a rash which follows the route of a particular nerve. The majority of cases of shingles are found in the over 50’s, making up approximately two thirds of all cases, young adults and children are rarely affected and generally suffer from the mildest strain of the virus if they are.

Shingles can affect any part of the body and is most common on either the left or right side of the body around the chest and abdomen area. Some cases of shingles can affect the neck and face, with the latter being potentially dangerous. Shingles treatment for face and in particular the eyes is extremely important and early medical attention can help significantly reduce the severity of the virus in this area.

Dangers of facial shingles

Shingles treatment for face, neck and body is important but getting the shingles rash on the body is seen as much less harmful in terms of potential complications. Shingles of the face will generally affect the nose and eyes. If a part of the eye known as the cornea is affected it can lead to a scarring and potential blindness; this condition is known as zoster keratitis and immediate treatment is needed to prevent this from occurring.

Know the symptoms of shingles, no matter how mild can allow you to seek early shingles treatment for face problems and prevent serious damage from occurring.

Early symptoms of shingles

A bout of shingles will usually begin with a general unwell feeling and a possible fever; this will be added to by a feeling of exhaustion and muscle pain. A burning or tingling sensation will be felt in the affected area and this can last several days before a rash has appeared. A tingling sensation in the nose can often lead to shingles spreading to the eye so it is important to be aware.

Red raised spots will appear in the affected area and these will turn to blisters filled with liquid, the blisters then begin to dry out and crust over becoming increasingly itchy and irritable.

Methods of shingles treatment for face

An actual cause of shingles or a cure has yet to be discovered and treatments are relied upon greatly to help sufferers ease pain and recover quicker. The best shingles treatment for face outbreaks is antiviral medication; this has proven benefits in helping to stop the virus from multiplying and can help reduce the severity and speed up the healing process.

Topical formulas are also regularly prescribed by GP’s to help reduce the stinging and burning being felt from blisters; creams containing capsaicin are beneficial for this purpose. Calamine lotion and cold compresses are also recommended to be used at home and will help to sooth rashes and reduce the itchiness being felt.

The pain being felt from the nerves can be helped using painkilling medication such as paracetamol or anti-inflammatory drugs.




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